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Blackwater Trail Antiques And More!

Thanks for reading my first blog.


Baylen’s Blog

First let me introduce myself. My name is Baylen Palmer and I am one lucky girl. My Mommy and Daddy (Phillip and Monica Palmer) adopted me from Florida Pointer Rescue. My birth Mom and I was in a bad place and FPR saved us. My Mom and Dad then adopted me at 12 weeks. I was sick at first so I had to be separated from all the other puppies, but all healthy now.  Others say I need to go on a diet…., well  maybe,  what’s little in the middle.

The story my Mom tells people about me is: They had another Fur Baby named Bailey he went to Rainbow Ridge February 28, 2015 and they were so sad. They did not want another fur baby but Bailey and I had a plan, 2 days later they decided to get out of the house, they came  up on some people that my Dad(Phillip) had not seen in over 20 years. Turns out they were connected to Florida Pointer Rescue, well one thing lead to another and here I am. My birth name was Angel, hence that name, but now I am Baylen after Bailey, I told you we had a plan. Bailey is now waiting on us at Rainbow Ridge ….

So enough about me.

Mom and Dad had another thing come up last year August 2014, that was a big year for them. They opened Blackwater Trail Antiques and More. It was something they had not planned at all, but you know God had another plan for them.  God works that way.  

I am the official greeter so when you stop I might get to meet you. I love people to come rub my head tell me how pretty I am. That makes my day. So if you have not come by make a special trip you will be in for a big surprise. We sale from new to old, its like antique boutique (Mom says). We offer furniture, clothes, soaps, scrubs, glassware, jewelry and so much more

This is my first entry of my new blog I hope you like it and feel to leave me a message.

Thank you all to our customers and future customers, we do appreciate your business.